Jewelry Care

Our jewelry is selection is composed of fashion jewelry which includes 18k gold plated, 18k rose gold plated, rhodium plated brass and sterling silver plated brass. We also have a small collection of fine jewelry which includes 14k solid gold, 14k rose gold and .925 sterling silver. Our jewelry is nickel and lead-free. Our materials composition make for an amazing, wearable, high quality, seamless jewelry piece with longevity.

Jewelry should be kept away from cleaning agents, beauty products, and water, and stored in a cool, dry place to discourage tarnishing (pro-tip: this is how you should care for all your jewelry). It's a good idea take your body's natural pH level and the jewelry's metal composition into consideration when buying jewelry. High acidity levels can lead to metals fading and/or tarnishing more quickly. Therefore, solid gold (versus gold plated) is generally a better material for those with higher acidity levels.  

 Gently clean your jewelry with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth when necessary. After use, place the jewelry in the boxes, bags, or pouches provided with each purchase.

Unless specified, jewelry pieces are not waterproof. We offer fashion jewelry so it can be affordable to you. Because we use 14k gold and rhodium plated materials and not solid gold or silver (unless otherwise specified), each piece needs special care to ensure a longer life span. However, it will be more limited than fine metal jewelry and will tarnish over time and wear. By its nature, gold and rhodium plated items will tarnish over time. Same for sterling silver items, certain conditions such as high humidity, extensive exposure to air, sweat, chemicals, and rubber bands among others will speed up the oxidation process.

18k Gold Plate

18 karat gold, in our opinion, is the prettiest shade of gold. Not too yellow, not too subdued... Plated over brass, you get the luxury shine with the fashion jewelry price tag.

18k Rose Gold Plate

18 karat rose gold silver added to gold and copper to give a gorgeous rose color. This pink metal is plated over a brass base so you get the same look of fine jewelry at a fraction of the cost.

Rhodium Plate

our silver colored necklaces and earrings are plated in rhodium due to it's vibrant color and durability. Rhodium one of the costliest precious metals due to its rarity, so we counteract the price by plating the rhodium over brass.

14k Solid Gold

Our Solid Gold pieces are made of solid 14k gold and 14k rose gold. We like14k because of it's strength, brilliant color, and kind sensitivity to all skin types. 

Because solid gold doesn't tarnish, you can wear these all day - so feel free to sweat, sleep, and shower in them.

Sterling Silver Plate

Our silver rings are plated in sterling silver. We think the bright white silver of sterling gives our rings a beautiful finish! Plated over brass, you have a beautiful affordable piece.